07 December 2008

Playa: Welcome to the neighborhood.

From the people behind Barrio, comes Playa.  The feel is light and flimsy with turquoise walls and  lightweight yellow chairs.  The staff greeted me immediately, and quite genuinely.  I took a seat at the bar to catch up with the bartender, of whom is a Barrio transplant.  A girl brought me a glass of $4 unlimited Sangria (white or red) with chunks of fresh fruit crammed in. 

The brunch menu offers familiar breakfast dishes such as French toast or omelets with Southwestern twists. I considered a few of the Arepas: Picadillo of flank steak, capers and olives or sliders with chipotle ketchup- before settling on the Eggs Benedict.  The dish consisted of two poached eggs hanging over ham and Pan De Bono with thin chipotle hollandaise, roasted and sauteed potatoes and your choice of meat. I requested Chorizo.  The prep time on my food was absolutely absurd, in fact a couple that came in the same time was leaving as it was brought to me. I'm guessing the server or someone else forgot. Regardless, the server was wonderfully attentive. A luxury that you do not come across in less than four star restaurants in NYC.

The food was: decent. I may have gone in with higher hopes that were necessary. Admittedly, I watched the place be remodeled over the past few months and grew quite excited upon discovering that it stemmed from the folks at Barrio.  The chef should tell the Playa chef a thing or two: hollandaise ought to be a greater consistency than water and that a choice of meat side isn't needed when served with Benedict that contains ham. It's a lot of meat and starch for one plate. Perhaps a few pieces of melon or braised greens in exchange? The food was well spiced. It didn't call for any additional sauce, salt or pepper. 

I will most likely return, but for a good glass of sangria or an Arepa. It's difficult to justify bringing friends when you have so many other great places in the Slope.

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