02 December 2008

hanky panky sample sale!

Who needs a reason to collect more little things? I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow Pug Mum and Park Sloper Sasha for the hanky panky sample sale this evening. Recession and unemployment are no excuse to decline a New York City sample sale! 

Among the treasures are: super comfy thongs ($10), lacy camisoles ($15-20) and dresses ($35).  The line swirled around the building, but proved to move quickly. We checked our coats and pocketbooks then began to rummage through the colorful pieces. If I could make a suggestion, I would pick out your thongs first, much like ordering sushi, you mark off the colors you want on a sheet and wait for it to be prepared and brought to the checkout. While you're waiting for your name to be called, you can sift through the large selection of camisoles, boy cut briefs and dresses.

The sale is continuing through December 5th, but go sooner than later, for the best selection!

260 Fifth Ave (btwn 28th & 29th) near the Six train.

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