14 December 2008

The Second Annual Ugly Sweater Party

In the spirit of the rapidly approaching holiday season, I joined hometown friend James and his roomies, for their Annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party. Among the festivities: Beruit, Coors Light, vodka with cran from an econovat, sweater speak and Pug.

Photographed above: James in his usual ensemble. 3-D sweater-vest with various Christmas-themed symbols, the go-to Santa slippers and new edition this year: baseball/Santa hybrid hat.

Although efforts to dress up were made from the majority of party guests, I have to admit that last year trumps this year. Note: the Moomoo/ shirt combo on the far right, above photo. Although not exactly holiday fair, it did stir up a Simpson's nostalgia in me, "Did you see that Simpson's where Homer gets fat and goes to the fat person clothing store and says, 'I don't want anything weird, just give me a Moomoo'? "

*Laughter* "Yea, or when he can't use the phone," he supported me.

"Right, and the operator comes on, 'Your hand is too fat. To order a special dialing wand, mash your hand onto the keypad.' "

There is a comfort in the Simpsons spanning over childhoods of different rearings.

Pilgrim proved to be the ingenue of the party. Although the little guy got too warm for his candy cane striped sweater, he donned a Christmas bow, and made several rounds to greet all of the party guests. He also got involved with beruit by chasing rogue ping pong balls.

The holiday party was sealed with 'that guy.' You know the one who shows up in the Santa suit. He reported, "Well actually this was given to me. Check this out."

*Pulls out his cell phone*

"I was at this event. There were like five-hundred Santas"

"So you rode the subway in your suit?" I prodded.

"Hey, what are you drinking there in that Nalgene bottle? Water?"

"Wine. Some people consider them the same. Water and wine. I mean we're going for the whole Christmas theme here," I offered.

"Didn't they recall those Nalgene bottles?"

"Oh right. They did. The wine does taste like a Nalgene bottle. Maybe I should toss the bottle? But it has all these stickers."

Another guest interjected, "Eh, just put dry goods in it."

Throughout the evening, Santa lost piece by piece of his ensemble. I just thought I'd throw that out there.

Good things. Happy Holidays from BK.

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