06 December 2008

Things that happen on Friday night.

Holly and Dannie began their night at Smith's Tavern with $1.75 frosty mugs of Bud while I wrote a few business emails. We met up for $5 Margaritas and Mojitos at Barrio, then settled in at Moim (above photo).  The gorgeous little Korean joint works with a nouveau palate of grey and black with shocks of lime green.  The beer and wine list is fairly standard. I'd recommend trying the Korean Mule. The cocktail is a favorite of the bartender's with it's tart and ginger flavors.  The menu offers fun tapas and great entrees. I've had some great meals here as well. Check them out for brunch. 

After returning to the apartment to regroup and grab warmer jackets, we hopped on the subway to West 4 Street.  The plan was Sushi on Greenwich & 10th Street. I'm kicking myself for not grabbing a card to remember the name! The fish is good here. Not fantastic, but certainly delightful.

I'd recommend the Black Pepper Tuna appetizer. Amazing! It was certainly the shining beacon among the dishes. Perhaps even better than that served at Ginger. The service was good, the company better. 
The evening continued to Hudson Street. We fell through the doors of Employees Only, a place I'd only heard tales of. Dark and crammed,  warm vodka and boisterous men cock walking around.   We lasted through a round or two and gathered our things. A few indecisive turns and cab rides later, we pushed through the doors of the Dram Shop.
I consider Dram Shop to be the "Old Faithful"  of Park Slope bars. It is consistently buzzing with young faces, middle aged football loving men and loud music. And the music is usually pretty good, or at least eclectic. Not to mention: it stays open until official bar close. Yes, that means you can slosh beer with your chums until 4:00am. Be advised! The NYPD is waiting outside.

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