23 May 2009

bbq brooklyn (for the long weekend)

Burger Recipe:
Ground Beef
Seasoning Salt, Garlic Salt
Chopped Green Bell Pepper
Gorgonzola Chunks
Worcester Sauce

Chicken Tip: Season the night before to get the spices fully integrated.

Gearing up for Memorial Day, we headed out to Brooklyn for BBQ and space. Marcel (my favorite Brooklynite) spent the night before prepping handmade burgers with chunks of Gorgonzola, green bell pepper and Worcester sauce- as well we had chicken legs with Carolina Rub and shrimp on skewers. Others brought Nathan's hot dogs, Portabella mushrooms and onion for the mini grills.

Although we were fortunate enough to snag a picnic table (Marcel showed up at 9:00am to stake his claim- and spent the next three hours reassuring the family next to him that he did indeed have friends, no he didn't want a burger and yes, really he has friends and they are coming soon!), we didn't get there in time for a provided grill. Veteran Marcel improvised with a $7 mini grill from Key Foods. It seemed to do the trick.

A nice little afternoon away from the congestion and noise of Manhattan. Although our peace was somewhat disrupted by a neighboring group's constant stream of circa 1994-1997 alternative rock hits, including Fast Ball's The Way and Rammstein's Du Hast. It's nice to be reminded that Brooklyn's Prospect Park isn't too far away.

Other great spots to check out in the area:

Green Market at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn Art Museum & The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

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