14 May 2009

Jeans are for assistants. Live on wine & cheese.

I've expressed my love for French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld before...and I find myself enchanted again with this interview I found on The Cut:

Jeans are for assistants.

I only wear jeans and flat shoes when I am on holiday, never for work. Jeans suit me very well but it's not for me anymore. It's horrible to say but it has something to do with age. I have good legs, so I prefer my skirt lengths and my high heels. It's like my uniform. I never wear jeans. Jeans are for my assistants ... I wore knee-length jeans skirts. I never wear miniskirts because they make me look older.

The French are not into gyms.
Oh, there are some overweight women here but it’s not like in America. Going to the gym is not like in New York where you have these huge places where hundreds of people are running together. This doesn’t exist in France. We don’t have the space and it’s really not in the French mentality.

She does not weigh her staffers, but it's not like she needs to.

In France we drink wine and eat cheese and bread and finally we stay slim. I am skinny, and all my girls are skinny. People think I weigh my girls in the office but I do not. We have a scale in the office because we travel a lot and sometimes you can’t bring more than 25 kilos a case. It’s just to weigh my luggage, not to weigh my editors. Still, you know it’s easier to look great in a dress when you are skinny. But I like a bit of curves and I like to do stories with different kinds of women because I see beauty in everyone.

Carine may have something to do with how you shave down there.

When I started doing all the Gucci campaigns with Tom Ford and Mario Testino we pushed so much and after that everyone copied it. Everyone tried to be this Gucci girl that we created. So I am sure we were part of this tendency. It was good at the time because we were the first ones to do these kinds of images to sell a product and after that everyone kept on doing it. I think now it’s too much. It’s no fun. It’s not chic. We always had a chic eye on everything, even when we shaved the G on the girl. A lot of girls started shaving their pussy in different ways after that so it really became a trend.

Read the full interview and catch the comments here.

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