05 May 2009

My New Jam: Pump Energy Food.

I find myself regularly passing by Pump Energy Food . The first few times: a bit curiously. Is that some sort of creepy smoothie joint that adds protein powder or wheat grass? The idea alone coaxed me away. The Pearl and Pine location is consistently empty (although this could be explained by the fact that I only drift by on weekends or evenings).

Pump lured me in this evening with a free dinner and iced tea promo for residents of my apartment building. Smart. It's a stone's throw away and I found myself quite taken with the set up. A clean, breezy interior with a Chipotle-esque ordering system. A genuine and well-versed gentlemen walked me through the system, carefully explain my options and the details of the food.

Patrons are given three options for their meals: salad, wrap or rice bowl. I chose salad. Following that, you are walked through several meat, veggie, cheese, sauce, hummus or guacamole options. Pump's ingredients are prepared without bad fats such as Mayonnaise or butter. Additionally, they use only brown rice or whole wheat pitas. The food makes you feel good. There is also a tremendous amount of flavor within the large palate of choices.
After enjoying my bowl of delicious, I did a little more research.The good word is that Pump wasn't doing so well, so they gave their image and concepts a little make-over. With help from Chipotle marketing, they revamped and have started to build a more successful base.

Image: Pump Food Blog.

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