31 May 2009

The House

There seems to be no shortage of lovely little bars in Gramercy. The House is no exception. Tucked under branches thick with leaves, a golden glow pushes through the windows onto the side walk. We stepped into the restored carriage house (circa 1854) for a late night cocktail. The server graciously offered us one of the best tables and set down thin bread sticks for nibbling.

The wine list is ridiculously extensive: suggesting that the food might be something to write home about. I decided to sip on one of their signature cocktails: Blood Orange Martini. A relatively smooth drink with muddled oranges, extraordinary fragrance and color. I did feel that the Campari wasn't the best liquor to mix with the vodka, it added a slightly off taste, but by no means ruined the drink.

Image: Apartment Therapy.

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