13 May 2009

I'm in tears.

This one takes the cake.
Jersey: why do you dig yourself into this hole?

Motifs present-

"Bubbies" (breasts for those not familiar with the Jersey dialect).

"Strip clubs and car washes" (yes, the two go hand in hand).

Big hair.

Also notable:

Theresa's daughter: clearly uncomfortable in her wildly inappropriate daisy duke shorts and bright red lipstick. Watching her defend herself against her peers, "My mom did it!"

Paying for your furniture with $120,000 cash.

Tables thrown, glass shattering. It's going to be a good season.
It should also be noted: sisters married to brothers.

Let's complete the thought with:

"It's important to keep yourself together as a wife. You don't want to let yourself go and become a- mother."


*meaghan* said...

are you f'ing kidding me? 120k in cash? i'm lucky if i have 1.00$ in quarters to pay the parking meters downtown! and is that little 4 year old in Louis Vuitton?? i must stop watching now....

Bradford said...

I actually watched this on tv from start to end...shaking my head the entire time, but unable to avert my eyes.