07 May 2009

Forum Bar

While picking up a few bottles of wine in Union Square, I considered the few drops trickling down my arms. The escalating threat of rain cajoled me into the Forum Bar. The 3500 square foot space offers an airy, open feel, with slightly offensive lighting. I settled into a seat at the fifty-foot mahogany bar and accepted a cocktail list. The decided to veto the only cocktail that peaked my interest: Julius Caesar (blood-orange puree, Grand Marnier, lime juice and vodka). It just seemed a little too- involved(?) for a rainy evening. I requested bourbon. The bartender raised a brow, I nodded: give me the bourbon.

After a few drinks, food seemed appropriate. To nibble, my company and I selected the Calamari and the Summer Tuna Rolls. The Calamari came in a cone with red and white sauces. Tender and light: a perfect snack for sharing. The Summer Tuna Rolls are composed of mango, avocado, cucumber and raw albacore with wasabi and sweet chili sauces. The dish is a decent contrast to the breaded/fried calamari. Above average, but short of spectacular. The mango enclosed in the thin wrap was well-ripened, which I found to be a pleasant surprise.

Zagat offers mixed reviews and a few angry people. It's a good place to scoop yourself into to avoid the rain, get a late-night bite and seat- but there are certainly more engaging spots in the East Village.

Image: Timeout New York.

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