31 May 2009


bite doesn't look like much. A small cafe at the edge of Union Square, it has modestly handwritten menu on a chalkboard. Soups, sandwiches and salad with a decent selection of beer, wine and sangria.

The charming light wood decor is open window to the streets whooshing with taxis and chirping with denizens. We sipped on what proved itself as masterfully potent sangria while we waited for our food to be prepared. The cocktail peaked my interest with a spice that could have easily been cloves, but I cannot be sure.

For lunch, we shared the Exotic Tuna Sandwich and bruschetta. The tuna came on a hearty homemade roll grilled crusty with a soft center. The fish tasted fresh and well seasoned with golden raisins, red cabbage and sliced carrots.The tomato and dark green garnish added a lovely texture. The bruschetta was probably the best I've ever had. The crusty baguette was toasted lightly, the fresh mozzarella was warmed and the tomatoes carried a nice flavor in contrast to the garlic-basil pesto.

I would also recommend the hummus. It's garlicy and smooth blended!

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