08 May 2009

jeremy's ale house

I've been told that Jeremy's Ale House is the Seaport's Safe Bar. It served as a meeting up place during 9/11. I walked down to the open air spot to meet with friends in memory of a firefighter. Bras hang from the ceiling, the scent of fried seafood thickens the air. Beer is served in 32oz Styrofoam cups, $6 for domestics such as Coors or Bud light.

As the night progressed, patrons stacked their empty Styrofoam cups and toted them around like trophies. According to Jeremy's website, they serve the best clams and calamari. We ordered the clams which came battered and deep fried with fries. The platter is offered in a generous portion: light and fresh for fried food. We squeezed a pool of the house hot sauce (by my tongue: a cocktail of chili paste, Sriracha and ketchup) and dipped each taste in. For the simplicity of the food, it was quite satisfying. Or did the hazy 32oz buzz influence that opinion? Either way: cheap, young vibe and better than your typical dive bar.

Images: NY Mag

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