03 May 2009

Mine That Bird at Union Hall

This weekend marked the 135th Annual Kentucky Derby. In celebration, we headed into Brooklyn for the Maker's Mark sponsored celebration at Union Hall.

The Garden buzzed with tipsy Brooklynites, a few grills were smoking with burgers and hot dogs. Bourbon flowed, sloshed and painted cheeks pink. Among the promotions: $3 Maker's Mint Juleps and three for $3 mini Rolling Rock bottles.

A country band played until moments before the main event. A young man turned to Alvarez and remarked on his seer sucker suit, "You're wearing what you should. That's real traditional. In my fraternity, well I'm from Kentucky, but I went to school in Baton Rouge, we all wore seer sucker. Then I worked at this hedge fund, and we didn't have casual Fridays, we had seer sucker Fridays."

After a few drinks and watching Mine That Bird take the winner's seat, we bounced to a few other bars: Playa and Rachel's Taqueria, before heading home to Manhattan.


Steve said...

Glad to see you had a good time!

Till the next event.

Makers Mark Distillery Diplomat
New York City

SAKURA NYC said...