02 August 2009

Late Lunch : Pho So 1

I've been craving Vietnamese sandwiches daily- a side effect of my afternoon in Sunset Park with Ba Xuyen. Saturday afternoon offered a bit of freedom to explore Manhattan's Chinatown for a comparable meal. A stone's throw from our favorite dumpling shop, rests Pho So 1.

Although the plan was take-out, we found ourselves at a table, the only native English speakers. We decided to share one Pho Tai Nam (round-eye steak and brisket) and two House Special Sandwiches. We sipped on Taro bubble tea and slurped up a massive portion of soup while waiting for our sandwiches to be prepared.

Full of varied textures, fresh Vietnamese basil, bean sprout and lean beef, the two of us could hardly make a dent in the soup before our 10" sandwiches were placed before us. The bread could use some improvement, but the Vietnamese salami, pork and beef were tasty and in an excellent marriage with the carrots, cilantro and marinated onions. We had enough food leftover for dinner! The sandwiches were not the best I've had, but certainly held their own. I would be curious to try the vegetarian variety.

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