04 August 2009

Casa La Femme (for cocktails).

Skipping through the West Village yesterday evening, I tucked myself into Casa La Femme for cocktails. Immediately greeted by three warmly smiling men, I felt warm. They lead me onto the grass floor to peruse the crowd for familiar faces. After linking up with friends, I ordered the featured drink of the evening: Tequila based Mojito with a float of Champagne. Tart and a bit syrupy, but well-suited for a warm Summer night.

A few plates were ordered- hummus, babaganoush, grilled chicken. Although I didn't bring my appetite, the presentation was spot on and those that did partake divulged enthusiastic praises. Plate after plate of pita bread was replenished without word. The servers encouraged the group, "Don't be shy, eat." The owner came out with his bouncy, curly haired daughter. Not even two years, she moved her arms to show us how she belly danced.

I moved on to a house special: Champagne with Hibiscus tea. The bar keep rolled his eyes around a bit as he wiggled and described how delightful he thought the marriage was (Drugs? Perhaps he's just a bit squirrely?) The drink is actually quite good- the tea cuts the sweet in the Champagne, making it a seamless transition from the Mojito.

Image: designista.

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