24 August 2009

(finishing touches)

I've been a bit occupied with the idea of adding to my living space.

Here's the truth: we don't have a couch. Some guests have expressed a distaste for this decision. In part, I was quite inspired by a W feature on Klaus Biesenbach. Not quite ready for a couch, I implemented guest slippers. I think of them as sofas for your feet. Shouldn't every Manhattan apartment come equipped with champagne and slippers?

To begin, I thought of adding a bit of flare to my MacBook:

In the 80's, my dad smoked a pipe. He had quite the collection. When out sailing, he wore loafers without socks and cool sweaters. I'd like to think in the 00's he'd be utilizing this portable driver. In fact, I think I'll get him as well.

We have a bit of a chaotic wire situation in our apartment. These may put a bandaid on.

and finally...


The space appears simple, clean and yet lived-in (giving our guests the comfort of a place to sit). I like the implementation of frames to cover the entire wall. We're already on our way with all white shelving, tables and desks. Could I keep a white couch clean?

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