22 August 2009

a brunch at Beer Table

Beer Table seemed to be an odd choice for brunch. I've only ever been in for small plates and late night hops. Regardless, I trudged into the slope on fickle Brooklyn weekend subways.

Per the suggestion of our server, Vadim selected the Aecht Schlenkera Marzen. The rich beer has a smokey taste to match its bouquet, with a distinct gouda flavor. Brad, Sasha and myself chose the Schneider Weisse. A good choice, with banana bread as the dominant flavor.

We glanced up to the short list of modest dishes scribbled on a chalkboard. After a brief discussion, Brad and Vadim chose the Waffle with Salt and Butter, Sasha the Waffle with Ricotta and Blueberries and I requested the Arugula Salad with Bacon.

All dishes were attractive-- and the guys enjoyed an extra plate of waffles as the server noticed the kitchen had accidently prepared two with berries, rather than butter. The arugula came in a tart mix of shaved parmesan, pickled onion and light vinaigrette. The bacon surprised me with its thick cut and farm quality.

We took our time to sip to the bottom of our glasses with easy conversation and appreciation for the server who didn't push us to order additional beverages.

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