10 August 2009

Flatiron Lounge: Straight to the Source.

I tucked myself into the Flatiron lounge for a pre-dinner cocktail with Martin. A warm hostess greeted me in a startlingly -empty- arched hallway. After a slight pause, I creeped through the portal into sleek, if not quietly toying with garish, bar. The counter is lined with well-dressed bar keeps and jars of herbs, fruit and savory garnishes.

A quick glance over the cocktail list and I tossed it aside: all you ever need to know about a martini is Hendricks. I followed Martin's lead with a few curious twists: 2 basil leaves and cucumber shaken with the gin- as well a deduction of vermouth for an herbed liquor (what exactly the ingredient was- I cannot recall). I do remember: five parts Hendricks.

I am confident in admitting that this is the best gin martini I have sipped in my drinking career.

Image: Grapes & Grains.

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