04 August 2009

Rusty Knot (For that last drink of the night).

There's something West Coast going on in the Rusty Knot, and it's not just the kids in their tennis shoes and micro cut-off shorts with no skivvies. I'm still sorting out whether I like or dislike this venue, which I'm told is owner by the same folks as the Spotted Pig. The nautical theme lends me to a childhood nostalgia, the lightening is spot on and the close proximity to the busy highway is a bit unsettling.

Bonus: FREE Juke Box (given that the crowd knows their music). Cocktails: from the looks of the so-called "dive," stick with beers on tap or Maker's on the rocks. The selling points? 99cent beers! And a short, clever bar snack menu: home-made spicy pickles, a chicken-liver-and-bacon sandwich with red-onion marmalade, meat pies with sweetbreads!

Images: New York Magazine.

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