31 July 2008

city dogs 2: Fluff

I decided on a cup of street coffee, with a bagel, this morning. There is something quintessential about it. It's probably about five cents a cup, at cost, and absolutely mixed with the cheapest sugar and milk, but it's so good with a semi-stale bagel and warm slab of cream cheese.

As it was still early, Pilgrim came along. The heat wouldn't be at its peak. Fifth avenue stirred with elderly women pushing grocery baskets, dive bars oozed with their 9am regulars.

We turned down 8th street towards the subways. Pilgrim paused. I noticed an off-leash dog, being trailed by his owner.

"He's friendly," I glanced down to Pilgrim, then made eye contact with the man.

"Go on Fluff, say hi."

Fluff approached Pilgrim. They inspected each others derrieres. Fluff trotted away.

"He's great off leash."

"He is. I usually put him on it at fifth ave, with the extra traffic."

"Pilgrim is about to explode, he gets offended when people don't say hi."

Fluff's dad reached down to the shaking Pilgrim, "He's cute, how old?"

"Five months. Does Fluff have a---Mohawk?"

"He did. It's growing in now."

" Ah. See you next time."

He nodded.

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