29 July 2008

vin rouge, VR

After a good trot to Prospect Park with Pilgrim, I stopped by the old apartment to pick up misguided mail. I craved a spot to read. I considered my options. Exhausted with the usual set of venues, I departed from the usual radius. I do not often wander past 11th street towards the South Slope. There is a curious, apocalyptic feel in the more defined working class edge. The streets feel wider, perhaps it's the lack of old growth trees- or the absence of brownstones.

Buttermilk? Too dark. Too much grunge. Sidecar- awkwardly empty. Something else was boasting free chili. Packed with middle aged people and tv's...I forged on. Vin Rouge: the sultry meets nerdy glasses wine bar adjacent the questionable Suki Sushi. I stepped in. Took a coushiny European seat. Opened my book. I considered the first line, "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?" (John Lennon). I overhear another patron speaking of Lennon. A server approached. I requested a Kir Royale. Throaty jazz played. Another server ate salad from a large silver bowl.

Small plates are offered- olives, cheeses, crackers. It's worth checking out.

629 Fifth Avenue.

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