31 July 2008

in consideration.

NY Mag takes a jab at Elle: The cover featuring Jessica Simpson is raising eyebrows due to it's lack of glam, sparkle and...hips. (Compare the width of Simpson's hair vs. her hips). Specifically, "It looks like an animal ate her left thigh/ass cheek for breakfast" (The Cut).

I am not an advocate for Elle, and I do in fact find this tremendously amusing, but it should be noted that the color camel is always sexy....and plaid is in for the Fall. Additionally, I do not find this even a fraction as awkward at the June 2008 cover of Vogue, with Sarah Jessica Parker. There is an awkward light on the right ride of her forehead- making her face look deformed. (....) Also: she is posed in between a man's legs. Okay, so I studied some woman's theory in college- but come on!

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