10 July 2008

on cocktails, fun fact-

I've been slowly devouring the recent New York magazine (Clay Felker tribute issue) as to make it last-nibble, by simple, slow nibble. Tormented by the fact that I only have a few short articles remaining...

I've paused on a book recommendation, "Drink: A Cultural History of Alcohol" (Iain Gately). I'm considering this my next read after the stack I need to finish from other good words. I suspect it will be as tasty- and yet dull in some points as is, "Cocaine: An authorized biography" (Dominic Streatfeild). You feel a slight flirtation with risque (?) as you pull it from the shelf, take it to the register and tote it around town, opening the pages on the subway-
Any who, here's your obligatory fun fact- straight from New York

The cocktail was, "Popularized in twenties American speakeasies, where juices, bitters, and sugar covered up bad-quality Prohibition-era alcohol, the cocktail quickly became a dinner-party staple."

The belief, as follows, is that the dry martini is, "the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet" - H.L. Mencken.

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