12 July 2008

Churrascaria Palaforma Rodizio

Dinner at Churrascaria: I cannot begin to explain the amount of meat that is offered to you- although their slogan claims it's a place that even a vegetarian would like- I think horrify is a more accurate word.

(No, I'm not a vegetarian by any means...but I was raised by one).

I met the entire Grinberg Clan and friends from Ukraine on 49th between 8th & 9th to sip on Veuve and consider the first step of the meal: warm, delicious bread/cheese balls. Everyone needs these little balls in their life.

Next, we were instructed to go to the buffet. If you know me, you know that I cringe at the word and concept: buffet.

"I didn't realize we were in the Midwest," I leaned into Vadim.

"That's where the Brazilians got the idea."

I swallowed my pride and stepped up to the plate. Honestly, it was: good. The fish fresh, the greens healthy- and the cheese tart! As instructed, we flipped over the cards in front of our plates. Within moments a barrage of men with long poles of meat surrounded and began to shave every possible type of animal imaginable onto out plates.

Favorites: Lamb, Flank Steak (ask for a rare piece) & the turkey. Vadim took to the chicken hearts and sausage. Becky seemed to push it all to the side, but she's thirteen.

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