24 July 2008

the economy of lemons.

Joanna Goddard recently investigated the crashing economy from another angle: lemonade stands. As seen in New York magazine, Joanna scoured neighborhoods in the Brooklyn and Manhattan boroughs to gage whether or not the 30% increase in the cost of lemons has affected the kids sales approach, and pricing decisions. Young business tycoons for sure. I recently purchased a cup for 50 cents, adjacent to Prospect Park. Homemade cookies were another featured item at this stand. Joanna's article is tremendously amusing, and well laid out. You should check it out.
This is perhaps the best interview response, which I found myself reading aloud to Vadim, as we drove down to the KY:
"My personal financial advice is 25 cents, because everyone can afford it. Even if your allowance is $1, you will be able to afford four glasses. Also, you can make a classy combo with Oreos, or do three glasses for 50 cents"
---Sam Schiller, Age 10, of the Upper West Side.
Picture taken from www.botanical.com

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