31 October 2009


Designed by Willy Muller Architects (Willy Muller’s Barcelona office is led by Muller, a native of Argentina, and by Frenchman and associate architect, Frédéric Guillaud. They also have an office in Brazil. - Tuija Seipell), Mercabarna-Flor is a 44,000 sq meter whole-sale flower market in Barcelona.

The building's design was inspired by the aerial view of flower fields in full bloom with its multi-faceted angular roof structure and multi-colored outer shell.

The market is divided into three sections: cut flowers, plants and accessories. The building's close proximity to the airport terminal is key for the flower industry's success.

29 October 2009

facebook headquarters (from Studio A+O)

San Francisco based interior design firm Studio O+A designed the new offices for the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Kalle Gustafsson (Photography)

Gorgeous and rich in vintage feel, I'm charmed by Swedish photographer Kalle Gustafsson's work. She produces for advertising, fashion and portrait projects. I highly recommend visiting her site.

twin towers

Clever, albeit....? I am still developing my thoughts.

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27 October 2009

A New Yorker Halloween

Tough not to love Chris Ware's Halloween cover for the New Yorker-

Open-Air Library by Karo

German Architects Karo designed the open-air library in Leipzig in 2005. Constructed with beer crates, the space is compromised of sheltered seating areas and niches with stored books. Wood materials from and old warehouse are also used, an appropriate choice for its abandoned business district location.

1950's Design & Architecture

Growing up, my folks would take me to Lake Chelan for long weekends in the summer. Some of the cabins must have been designed in the 1950's as they resemble the illustrations above. My brother and I preferred the A-Frame (center) as it featured a loft that we could settle into and create our own secret fort.

images via: sandiv999

26 October 2009

Cong Ly

Noted for being: unassuming, crammed between copious Chinese joints and notably seedy in appearance- Cong Ly holds its own in flavor and value. The BYOB Vietnamese restaurant has over 100 cheap dishes that are authentic and generous.

Vadim was kind enough to bring Pho home to me (my typical order when I go Vietnamese). The full anatomy was packaged in massive containers: simmered beef broth, rice noodles, tripe, scallions, fatty flank steak, lean flank steak and brisket w/ patron added Thai basil, lemon bean sprouts and spicy plum sauce.

After setting up my bowl, I added a few squeezes of Sriracha and dipped in: amazing. I've head Pho up and down the West Coast and at various spots in New York City- hands down- this is the best and most massive portion. It's only $6, and easily two meals.

take cappuccino at La Maison Du Chocolat

Occasionally, when I'm about to tuck into my building after work, there a smiling face with a platter of chocolat sampling on Wall Street. Perhaps more impressive than being greeted to your home with chocolate, is that the gentleman greets my Pug, Pilgrim, by name.

La Maison Du Chocolat opened its first boutique in 1955- Paris. The chocolat is still crafted in France to ensure a consistent quality, as milk and other ingredients vary from the products in the United States.

This evening, as I walked outside my apartment with Pilgrim- I glanced in to notice my friend Rishi seated at one of the three tables. I sent him a text- only to be coaxed into coming in for coffee. We settled in with a third, Ondine, to hash out our afternoons. We were brought frothy and gorgeous cappuccinos with plates of chocolat: milk chocolate square, dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolat beads. Obscenely balanced espresso: this is well worth $8 per cup.

Alex Lukas (Drawings)

A bit: haunting. I'm charmed with Alex Lukas art.

25 October 2009

Pretty Gold Jewelry

I'd like to wear a little more gold. I'm hot on Diament Designs...Libby understands gold. Check out her Etsy. I've seen her pieces in person: she wears them well- and you will too.

Lego Sushi<3

I'd like a plate of Lego Sushi on my desk- daily inspiration?

a Brunch at Rosewater

Park Slope is perhaps one of the best places in New York City to settle into brunch. We were delighted to meet up with Sasha and Brad at Rosewater (Sasha's favorite spot), as we hadn't dined at the venue before.

Sasha was kind enough to arrive first to put our name in- while Brad walked their Pug, Dakota, and Vadim and I shuffled up from the subway. Rosewater offers a 'Prix-Fixe' brunch menu which includes one beverage (all house made juices, tea or coffee) and an entree ($14).

After seated, we ordered our beverages: I chose the Rosewater lemonade (light and even in sweetness), Vadim & Sasha the house made spiced warm cider and Brad- his favorite iced hibiscus tea. Our server offered confidence and gentle encouragement in each of our requests, albeit her aloof appearance.

Brad requested the Squash and Cashew Soup with Pumpkin Seeds to start (+ $6), noting that all of the soups at Rosewater are outstanding. I took in the scene while we perused the menus: country home meets Brooklyn charm. The air is thick with Autumn scents and conversation muddled enough to be comforting.

For our entrees:

Sasha chose the Quince Crepes with pistachios, creme fraiche and orange reduction. To my surprise, she also opted for a side of McIntosh Pancakes (+ $7). The presentation approached messy, but it's to be expected with a dish of this caliber.

Brad selected the McIntosh Pancakes with toasted cashews, spiced butter and maple syrup. He enjoyed the dish, but was unable to finish them. Perhaps the dish with the soup was a bit much.

Vadim (no surprise here) decided on the Slow Roast Pork Sandwich on brioche with cheddar, slaw and horseradish mustard. The elegant plate came with a heap of fries with a tangy orange sauce for dipping and a tart locally made pickle. He noted that it tasted like Ukraine. I enjoyed a taste- a truly outstanding sandwich.

For my choice: Smoked Fish Hash with organic poached eggs, savory harissa and arugula salad. A well balanced mess of magnificent, I was delighted with the addition of a slice of toast enhanced with a french batter, pumpkin seed and squash. The fish was a bit tough in comparison to the buttery potatoes, but quite excellent. The eggs were prepared to perfection and the yolks offered a velvety rich flavor.


Sasha noted that the dinner is superb- perhaps we'll get out to Park Slope to sample the menu at some point in the future-

24 October 2009

LoveLand South Korea

Occasionally, my grandmother reads my blog. Ergo, I didn't post all the photos I found amusing. Please indulge yourself at Jezebel.

23 October 2009

The Tetris Dress

Yes, please.

You might also find this interesting.

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Computopia (Japan, circa 1969)

Computopia: a forty-year old depiction of what life might be like if we had integrated robots into every-day life. From surgeries performed, to lessons taught to school children, the images stir up Jetsons nostalgia.

“Computer Life in 20 Years,” by Toshio Okazak depicts what an average household might look like twenty years in the future. (1989!)

“The Rise of the Computerized School,” illustrated by Shigeru Komatsuzak. The teacher has been replaced with by a screen and each child marks answers on their desk computer.

And perhaps the most unsettling: Teruya Yamamoto's, “The Amazing Unmanned Operating Room.”

[Via: 昭和の雑誌広告・懐かしモノ] & Gizmodo

a Night at the Crowne Plaza with Makers Mark

In celebration of Makers Mark unveiling their new billboard, fellow Ambassador Taylor (center) and myself, coaxed Liz (right) to join us for the soiree at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square.

We sipped Makers on the rocks and nibbled on complimentary brisket sliders with pickled slaw, steak kabobs, pork tenderloin and sweet potato pancakes. The nibbles were an excellent match to my preferred sweet, dry bourbon.

The lounge had a lovely warm light and low sunken couches. Service proved the reputation of the venue and we found ourselves delighted to meet a few ladies from the Marketing team in Kentucky. I'm itching to head down to Loretto for a long week and tour of the distillery.

Images: my iphone, taylor's iphone and Oyster Hotel Reviews.

22 October 2009

The Science of Airline Meals

Philippine Airlines.
Chicken(?) with a rocky road bar, and a small slice of Gouda.

Iceland air.
Brown lumps of meat, brownie, fish salad, roll and Icelandic butter.

First class on Scandinavian Airlines.
Raw salted salmon and rye bread with chocolate cake as a dessert.

Mystery pink substance w/ Saki.

China Airlines.
Taiwanese Chicken with a side of tripe.

Selections from: source.

Cozy Cases

Simple and playful: I adore these iPhone and camera cases! They are designed and crafted by Japanese artist hine in Vancouver, Canada. Buy them here.

The Upside Down House in Germany

Located in Northern Germany on Usedom Island, the upside down house was designed by Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk, The project is on exhibition in Trassenheide.