13 February 2015

Birchbox + Manna Kadar Cosmetics

Birchbox teamed up with Manna Kadar to host a brand discovery event for the Birchbloggers community. We settled in with DIY bubbly cocktails, mini cupcakes from Prohibition Bakery and swapping of social media handles. 


After building a line of cosmetic shops (and deciding to sell them), Manna was hungry to build a cosmetic line with nourishing and long lasting properties. Although  Sheer Glo is arguably the ingenue of her brand, the products extend to lips, face, eyes and skin care.

Manna transformed the model into a #Mannababe  with an eye and lip look from her Star Gazing palette and Lip Locked gloss line.  The products apply with an understated, yet steadily deepening pigmentation. Manna's execution was playful, seemingly not calculated. In other words, this is a product line designed for a girl in a rush. A girl that loves to sleep in, hit the gym and only has a few minutes to get ready for work.

Manna is a true hustler. She mentioned that she arrived at the SoHo venue straight from the airport and hadn't touched her make-up since dashing to the airport from her LA home. Do the math. We're talking 10 hours between the cars, airplane and New York.  Her products were built for women like herself.  Her flawless appearance coupled with her humble nature is a powerful combination in any industry.

Cheers with Manna, A Sequin Love Affair (left) and myself (right).

The goody bag:

I spent about a month with the products before coming to this post. I wanted to get a genuine feel for performance on marathon days, windy days and slush falling from the sky days.

Star Gazing contains five neutral shades in gold, brown and rose. The high shimmer formula applies subtly, but increases pigmentation with a second swipe (above swatches are two layers of product). If you're a matte lover, this may not be your thing, but who doesn't love a little sparkle in life? Of all the combinations available on Manna's site, this is absolutely the palette  I would have chosen to invest in.

Sheer Glo ($29)
The deluxe sample we received will likely last me about 3-4 months (maybe longer). A teeny tiny amount goes far. I love blending a small dab above my cheekbones, Cupid's bow and below my brows.

Do you ever feel like every mascara claims to add tremendous volume and length? The thing is, Manna's Intense Lash actually does. In a big way.  With a 2-3 coats, lashes are as full as modest false lashes. 
Pro tip: Apply Manna's Lash Primer  to conditions lashes. The primer can also be worn alone when you go to bed as a sleeping mask for your lashes.

(From top: All of Me,  Lucky, Manna Babe)

Each blogger chose their color. I gravitated to Manna Babe, a vibrant fuchsia with subtle sparkle (bottom swatch). The formula is ridiculous. Moisturizing and long-lasting, it feels like velvet on your lips. I've fallen into a deep love with this product and purchased two more as part of an ipsy promotion.

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