07 February 2015

Have a cozy weekend!

Can we discuss how chilly New York felt this morning? After walking Pilgrim, I packed up my bag and headed to Financier to get a few things done and could not feel my thighs by the time I reached the Cedar location (four minutes later). I'm planning to warm-up this weekend with some sweaty yoga sessions and heading to Cha An with a gal pal for hot tea and small plates.


A round-up of things happening around the web:

Swimming with sharks.

Beauty pick of the week.

Two ingredient sandwiches.

Stunning aerial photos of NYC after dark.

A French girl's trick to getting dressed.

I have this thing with floors.

The Swedish way of saying yes.

Add these to your bucket list.

History brought to color.

Respect the elephant.

This is the best way to reheat pizza.

My steep rent increases explained.

A legacy is coming to the end.


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