13 February 2015

Have lovely long weekend.

Happy Friday the 13th & Valentines weekend! It's been a lovely, chilly and productive week for me! And hopefully for you too. I'm not entirely sure what my weekend beholds (it's a surprise), but I'm excited to embrace it. In preparation, I hit-up Sephora for mini makeover with Makeup Forever's Fifty Shades of Grey collection and put the Veuve rose on ice.


A round-up of things happening around the web:

Turn your instagram photos into temporary tattoos.

Five facts about real estate in New York & San Francisco. 

North Korean slogans.

School lunches around the world. 

I'd like these ahead of my trip to Austin this Spring.

Love quotes: because it's that kind of weekend.

Quiz: What dog is best for you based on your go-to drink. I got a Pit Bull.

These look delicious!

On the past of the LES.

Romantic photos of couples kissing will pepper the walls of the subway stations tomorrow.


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