20 February 2015

Rover Heart NYC Blogger Event

Seattle-headquartered Rover descended upon New York last week to host an intimate blogger event at Loews Regency Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. If you're not familiar with Rover, the platform connects fellow dog lovers (and other critters) to arrange care while they're traveling.

The service is customizable to every teeny tiny neurotic desire or need for your pup. Ear drops twice daily? Sleep under the covers with you? Three trips to the park daily? Daily proof of life photos with the newspaper? No problem. You can also specify if you'd like the sitter to stay in your home (background checks are done on all sitters that go in-home) or to have your fur kid go to their home. If hosts are pup parents themselves, meet & greets can be arranged to ensure all pups are copacetic with each other.

Hosts range from dog lovers that cannot have a pup in their current situation to those seeking to supplement income and even full-time sitters that make six figures annually.  Hosts set their own rates (a percentage is paid to Rover) which includes 24/7 emergency assistance and insurance.

I'm planning to become a host and possibly warming up to the idea of implementing Rover as part of of my care plan for Pilgrim when we travel.  At present,  we either take him with us or fly my father or mother out to New York to stay in our apartment. For longer trips, it gets a little more tricky. While I was in Asia, my father came for the first leg, my girlfriend flew in for the middle leg (with her Pug in tote) and my mother looked after him for the third leg of the trip. I know. It's a bit much. But the little guy is less stressed and frantic when we return and he's been in the comfort of his home. 


The fun stuff:

While enjoying glasses of champagne and nibbling on crab cakes, deviled eggs with caviar and mini lemon meringue pies, I chatted up fellow pup parent bloggers and teamed up with a handful to take on a loud game of dog-themed jeopardy. Each winning answer earned us raffle tickets. Gift cards to Bloomingdales and Bliss, a diamond necklace and local chocolates were among the prizes.

I won the gift card for Bliss spa! #jazzhands

We took home adorable "sleepover" gift bags with goodies for our pups and a few treats for the hosts. Pilgrim approved.

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