29 April 2014

The Perfect Little Dish

If you're like me, there are hair ties from one end of your apartment to the next. Under pillows, on shelves, in between cushions. I love this Perfect Little Dish from Twistband, which gives you an attractive place to keep these little puppies organized. Wishlisted!

Honest Job Titles

Well. These made me laugh. 

28 April 2014

Fictitious Dishes

Designer and Art Director Dinah Fried created a fun series of photos depicting meals in famous works of literature. Called Fictitious Dishes,  I've included a sampling of the table settings I immediately recognized (literature junky). I've always found the way meals are described in books to provide more depth to the setting and the culture of the characters. 

“When I’m out somewhere, I generally just eat a Swiss cheese sandwich and a malted milk.
It isn’t much, but you get quite a lot of vitamins in the malted milk. H. V. Caulfield. Holden Vitamin Caulfield.”

The Catcher in the Rye

“On buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors-d’oeuvre, spiced baked hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys bewitched to a dark gold.”

The Great Gatsby

“She improvised bandages and covered the wound with a makeshift compress. Then she poured the coffee and handed him a sandwich. ‘I’m really not hungry,’ he said. ‘I don’t give a damn if you’re hungry. Just eat,’ Salander commanded, taking a big bite of her own cheese sandwich.”

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

“But I had to get going and stop moaning, so I picked up my bag, said so long to the old hotelkeeper sitting by his spittoon, and went to eat. I ate apple pie and ice cream — it was getting better as I got deeper into Iowa, the pie bigger, the ice cream richer.”

On the Road

“‘Gracious alive, Cal, what’s all this?’ He was staring at his breakfast plate. Calpurnia said, ‘Tom Robinson’s daddy sent you along this chicken this morning. I fixed it.’ ‘You tell him I’m proud to get it—bet they don’t have chicken for breakfast at the White House.’”

To Kill a Mockingbird

French Beauty Secret

One of my favorite ways to discover a new city, is to pop into a pharmacy to check out the beauty and self-care products. I rarely check a bag, which limits me to smaller items I can tuck into my carry-on. Having heard a thing or two on YouTube, I was curious to try the big bottle of Bioderma that had been taunting me the last few trips I made to Parisian pharmacies.  I turned to Amazon Smile a few months ago and was excited to find it (hats off to you, globalization).

The incredibly gentle formula is a pro in cleansing your face and removing make-up. Lately, I have been using it after using a facial scrub to ensure I remove all exfoliating properties or after a regular cleanse to remove any make-up left behind.



In 2012, writer/director Richard Linklater cast a six-year old boy to film for his 12 years between boyhood and adulthood. I'm excited to this film.

Copra Cold-Pressed Coconut Water

I've been hydrating with coconut water for years. It's an amazing, healthy alternative to sports drinks. I recently discovered Copra by way of a free sample from Fresh Direct. The 100% raw product is sourced from Thai coconuts and named for the meat of the fruit. This luscious bottle is a total game changer for me. The naturally pink juice tastes like the coconut was just cracked open and straw dipped into it. To boot, Copra integrates sustainability in their values, which means you can feel good about what you're sipping. Read more here.


Alex S. Maclean Photography

Pilot and photographer Alex S. Maclean captures patterns and designs from the macro perspective up in the air. A trained architect, he focuses his lens on the shaping of the landscape, city grids and changes over the years.

Floating Daisy Docks, Chicago

Ocean City Amusement Park, Maryland

Flamingos, In Flight.

Commercial Logging, Washington.

Highways, New Mexico

A pretty amazing way to look at the world, no? View more of his award-winning collection here.

25 April 2014

Have a Relaxing Weekend.

Is it just me, or has this been the longest week? It's felt like Friday was never going to come. I'm so excited to kick my heels off and get into relaxation mode.


A round-up of things happening around the web:

Is Puerto Rico the next Singapore?

Lobster de Mayo is tempting me.

The Java mouse-deer is blowing my mind.

I'm excited for The Killing to debut a final season.

Will & Kate DJing.

An online ocean drama.

Why the heart doesn't get tired like other muscles.

A heart melting story of generosity.

Everything is gorgeous in yellow.

A cool map on the priciest and cheapest one-bedroom apartments in New York.


24 April 2014

Striped Funnel Hoody

From SOL ANGELES (love that name!), this cozy hoody features a drawstring cowl neck and kangaroo pocket. I love this paired with white jeans for a coffee run or worn as an extra layer en route the yoga studio. Available in pictured blue and dark white, you can purchase here.

23 April 2014

Rescue Dog & Baby: The Cutest Besties. Ever.

Meet Zoey and Jasper. Zoey is a seven-year-old rescue pup and Jasper is her best human buddy. Together, they are crushing hearts across the internet via their photographer Mum's tumblr: Zoey and Jasper.

22 April 2014

The Most Popular Girl Names by State Since 1960

Mental Floss posted this amazing gif portraying trending names over the decades. Hats off to the Lisas, Jessica's and Jennifers of the country! It's pretty amazing to see all 50 states ranking a single name as the most popular.

Wine Barrel Pet Bed

Carved from a reclaimed oak wine barrel, this classy pet bed shows the wear of it's work with wine stains. The red cushion is included and Pilgrim has added this upgrade to his wish list. Details at WineDecorAndMore.

Office You Can't Refuse Dress

Turquoise florals and structured eyelet detailing pair well to keep all eyes in the boardroom on you, when pitching your latest idea.  Head over to Modcloth for more details on this gorgeous dress.

Discoveries: Birchbox Free For All Limited Edition Box

I'm a label connoisseur. I -always- check which ingredients I may decide to put in my mouth or on my body. Your body takes you places, it's important to give it the best! I was  excited to learn about Birchbox's most recent limited edition box: Free For All, which is tailored to natural/plant-based products to love your body with.


The paraben/gmo/sulfate/petrochemical free box is $44 and includes:

Jurlique | Purely Bright Radiance Serum
Crafted from botanicals in Australia, this ultra gentle serum smells as amazing as your skin feels after applying.  The formula is packed with anti-aging properties that prevent dark spots. Win.

FEED | FEED 10 Pouch
This adorable burlap pouch features a playful blue tassel and just enough room to throw your cash, keys and nail lacquer in when heading to your favorite salon. To boot, you can feel good using it, as FEED products give a donation with purchase to provide nutritious meals to children globally. This pouch provided 10 school lunches to under served kiddos.

Alima Pure | Lip Tint in Rhubarb
Moisturizing organic plant oils and  sheer rose color come together in this balm. I'm not a huge fan of the color for my complexion, ergo, I plan to give it to a gal pal.

Lov Organic | Assorted Teas
The cousin of Kusmi, these detoxing teas are a cut above your grocery varieties. I've been enjoying them before hopping on the treadmill or rolling out my yoga mat.

W3LL PEOPLE | Hypnotist  Eyeliner
Sourced from all natural ingredients, this velvety smooth eyeliner applies effortlessly. I tossed it in my make-up bag at the office, to touch-up before heading to happy hour.

Shamanuti | Activated Charcoal Cleanser
Charcoal masks are my thing, which is why I love this gentle exfoliating cleanser. It feels like mini speedy facial, drawing out impurities while you lather up your skin.

Karma Organic Spa | Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil & Tea Tree Oil
Nail polish remover is a necessary thing, albeit smelly and  packed with harsh chemicals. Karma's nontoxic formula is hands down the most exciting product in the limited edition box! I highly recommend this effective alternative.

eco-armour | Shave with Benefits Shave Foam with Mint & Eucalyptus
My first rodeo with this light, foamy product wasn't exactly positive. The dominant eucalyptus scent wasn't for me. Then, oddly, it started to grow on me. I noticed that within days (with my standing in shower, leg propped up method) that I had zero nicks or bumps. The scent is a bit awakening on those groggy mornings and doesn't linger. I'm planning to look into purchasing occasionally, to switch-up my regular rotation. The brand also features a grapefruit and bergamot scent, which I'm curious about!

Purchase your limited edition Free for All box here. | Not yet Birchbox subscriber? Sign-up here.

21 April 2014

Discoveries: April Birchbox

Do you love rainy days? Hailing from Seattle, I do have a slight affection for the occasional sprinkling. Birchbox feels me on this, according to their Rainy Days-themed April box. To my fellow New Yorkers, we are heading towards a serious rainy season, which I am embracing by treating myself to a new pair of Hunter wellies.

Included in my box:

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Black Eyeliner | Full Size $16
Cynthia Rowley cosmetics have consistently delivered since debuting in the Birchbox shop! This creamy liner glides on seamlessly and exhibits lasting wear.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oak Milk | Full Size $18
Although this brand is award winning and plant-based, I haven't been able to jump on the bandwagon. For my taste, the formula is too aggressive and heavily scented. I'll either pass it on to a friend, or save it for emergencies.

theBalm How 'Bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip Cream in Pie | Full Size $32
If you appreciate dual-purpose items as much as I do, you will love this cheek and lip stain. The creamy texture applies with enough time to allow you to blend it into your cheeks and build-up the color, if you're seeking an evening look. I actually own the full palette and was excited to get this mini in my favorite shade. It's perfect to toss in my bag!

KIND Snacks Healthy Grains Bar- Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt | 15 Count $11.88
I'm obsessed with KIND bars! I actually have a package of this variety in my pantry (and was excited to get a spare).

nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish | Full Size $34
Crafted from traditional  African recipes, this cocktail featuring Kenyan coffee, Jojoba, Lemongrass and Neroli oils gently exfoliates with an awakening scent of cocoa and coffee. My skin is completely in love with this formula! I have already purchased the full sized bottle!

nyakio Body Scrub | Full Size $55
There are so many good things in this scrub! Sugar, avocado oil, Kenyan coffee,  Mongongo oil, shea butter and grape seed oil come together to deliver serious moisturizing benefits while exfoliating. The sample was itty bitty, which I feel didn't give me the chance to appreciate it's quality. To boot, I found the scent to be a bit too syrupy to love.

nyakio Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut | Full Size $49
This luscious oil from the African Kola nut calms the skin with added chamomile and hydrates the skin for 12 hours. I'm hooked on the light nutty scent and couldn't resist purchasing a bottle for myself and a few days of use!

Not yet a Birchbox subscriber? Sign-up here.

Solar System Panties

From makeitgoofpdx, these glow-in-the-dark undies are sure to please your inner space geek. Crafted from lycra, cotton and solar system, shop the collection at etsy.

Jumbo Confetti Balloon

Helium, a dozen of these jumbo confetti balloons and a few bottles of champagne in ice buckets is all you need to have a gorgeous party. Don't forget to turn up the dance music and pop the balloons later in the night! Details at poppies for grace.

Discoveries: April Ipsy Bag

Ipsy has been killing it the last four months that I've been a subscriber! The $10/month Glam Bag has consistently delivered deluxe samples and full-sized products worth mentioning! April's theme, Beauty Rocks, arrived packed with staples for a sultry night on the town or a sexy brunch date.

Included in my Glam Bag:

big sexy hair Root Pump Mousse | Full Size $17.95
I'm new to mousse. It's a product that I've always viewed as a mom product (in fact it in the only hair enhancer that my mother has ever used, to my knowledge, from the beginning of time). I recognize this a little bit silly. If you know my Mum, you're familiar with how low maintenance she is. She was big into perms in the 80's, but no more. Any who. I digress. As instructed, I shook well and massaged a modest amount of the foam into the roots of my damp hair, then blew dry as usual. My fine hair had quite the love affair. The formula produced a modest uptick in  volume and a smooth texture which lasted about four hours.
Bonus: 25% off when you text IPSTER to 33233 & provide and email address.

Elizabeth Mott pop goes the shadow in champagne | Full Size $12.99 Included!
A gorgeous champagne eye shadow is a staple in every vanity. Ideal for the brow-line or as a highlighter on your cheek bones, it's a timeless. Elizabeth Mott's formula applies a bit less "Wow!" than my go-to Mary Lou Manizer,  lending it to office/ day-looks. The staying power is decent, but no match for the Seaport winds in my neighborhood. C'est la vie.
Bonus: 50% off any purchase with promo IPSY POP

dr. brandt microdermabrasion | Full Size $78 
Everything I have ever tried from dr. brandt is amazing. This gentle scrub is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade crystals to exfoliate skin, reduce discoloring and leave your face glowing.
Bonus: 20% off full sized microdermabrasion and free gift  with promo MICRO20 (first 10k orders only).

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Black Velvet | Full Size $20 Included!
Rich and appropriately dubbed velvet, the 24/7 eye pencil is the Rolls Royce of liners. I had previously invested in the Black Market collection and have been reaching for them over other brands since.
Bonus: Free gift with $35 purchase for promo UDIPSY (while supplies last).

Starlooks Luscious Longwear Lip Pencil in Naked | Full Size $14 Included!
With a matte finish, this kiss-proof formula compliments lipstick gorgeously. I love the on-trend nude color, which is is universally flattering and perfect for weekend brunch!
Bonus: 20% off your purchase with promo IPSY20.

Not yet and ipsy subscriber? Sign-up here!

18 April 2014

Have a Lovely Easter Weekend.

Have a colorful Easter weekend! Will you be dying eggs? I plan set-up a little artsy operation for our family. We're huge fans of hard boiled and deviled eggs, which our dyed eggs will eventually evolve to!


A round of up of things from around the web...

Glow-in-the-dark roads make a debut in the Netherlands.

A monkey teaches a man how to crush leaves.

Habitats for Millenials.

Distant cousin of the Brie guy: a man casually shucking oysters on the subway.

A lab in South Korea will clone your pet for you.

Seven is the magic number to longevity.

A map that shows how starkly segregated New York City neighborhoods are.

How long do you have to work to buy a burger?

A gorgeous note on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's works.

*Baited breath* for Season 2 of Orange is the New Black.


Tanner Goods Glasses Case

Did your sunglasses come with a bulky hard case? Albeit a smart protective move, I find that mine is the most obnoxious thing when fishing through my purse for keys or lipstick. I love this adorable croissant-eque leather case from Tanner Goods as a solution! Crafted from burnished and waxed tooling leather, the handmade case seals with a brass button.

Urban Decay Electric

 Urban Decay's Electric palette comes with ten pots of bold eye shadow. Mostly matte, the highly build-able colors have extreme color pay-off (swatches above are three strokes each). Now the question of where and when to experiment with these? Girls trip to New Orleans? I've become a bit more reserved in the past few  years, preferring low-lit dinner with live music to the Meatpacking District. But! I couldn't resist. The colors are so fun.  View looks and purchase at Urban Decay dot com.

100 Days of Push-ups

Estella, conscious of her 'scrawny' arms, took on the 100 day challenge, committing herself to attempting push-ups every day. Slowly, but with gradual success, she fine-tuned her muscles and push-up skills. Her transformation is so inspiring.

17 April 2014

theBalm: How About Them Apples?

I'll start by admitting the Pug was the selling point for theBalm's How 'Bout Them Apples? palette. I'm that girl.  Now that we have this information on the table, I  will share my praise for these amazing multitasking cheek/lip formulas. Well pigmented and build-able, the shades apply gorgeously. I packed this recently for a weekend trip and enjoyed that all my day and evening looks for lips and cheeks were compactly organized in one light-weight palette.Who doesn't enjoy hitting two birds with one stone? Pie, a luminous semi-opaque pink/red is my favorite hue for both cheeks and lips. I view this as a product that all skin tones can glow in. Purchase at Birchbox.


If you're not familiar with BAUBLEBAR, it's time get acquainted. The online shop cuts out the middle man and sources costume jewelry direct, providing fantastic pricing to consumers. To boot, shipping is always free and they feature $10 "buried treasures" throughout the week. I invested in a varied set of pieces to get an idea of quality.. On par with the J.Crew and C. Wonder pieces I have in my collection, I am pleased. BaubleBar is a new staple in my life. Sign-up here.

16 April 2014

Bear Bookcase

From Restoration Hardware's baby & child line, this utilitarian designed book shelf is just the right amount of playfulness for a bedroom or living room. The hand craftsmanship includes distressed white finishing, guaranteeing that no piece is identical. More details at RH.


15 April 2014

Pink Multi Jutti Flats

Have you visited TOMS lately? There are so many delicious patterns and designs coming out! I love these flats with textile detailing on the toes. Pair them with cropped jeans, a slouchy white tee and over-sized tote for a cozy weekend shopping the farmer's market look. To boot, TOMS continues to give one pair to a child in need for each that you purchase.

14 April 2014

The Average American in 2050

National Geographic has pulled together a stunning set of images portraying what the average American will look like in 2050, per the US Census. The theory is that specific races will blend together over the years and will no longer be distinct. The features are absolutely stunning  I can't stop looking at them!

It's hard to imagine, in a culture that has struggled for generations with the topics of race and segregation, that we are moving in in this direction so rapidly. When I consider the couplings within our social circle, we are generally paired to our roots. The Indian couples. The Chinese couples. The Jewish couples. My husband and myself both have 50% Serbian heritage. We do also have British/Dominican and other mixed pairs, but it doesn't feel as dominant in the trend as the Census suggests. However, living in New York, we have cultural divides between neighborhoods held together by different languages and values to maintain one's heritage. Very possibly New York shouldn't be considered  a good litmus test. Read more at National Geographic.

Bearfruit Succulents

Succulents, pastels and Ball jars? It's a beautiful cocktail, no?  Bearfruit Succulents are crafted to order with chalk paint. Available in singles or collections, I'm eyeing this pair for my apartment:

Simple, elegant and laced with memories of making blackberry jam in childhood summers- these would also make a gorgeous Mother's Day gift.  Purchase at Etsy.

Images: Bearfruit Succulents.

10 April 2014

Have a Beachy Weekend!

We're celebrating our Two-Year Anniversary this weekend! It's amazing to think of all of the adventures we embarked on across the globe in a small window of time!

We've decided to stay in dog-friendly B&B in Port Jefferson, Long Island, where we celebrated our marriage with our favorite people. I'm a little nervous to see the Danford Inn where we set-up camp for the wedding, as the last time I saw it was once the news being swallowed by the waves from hurricane Sandy.

I hope you're weekend is gorgeous! What are you getting into? Keep up with our rediscoveries over the weekend via my Instagram: keisharose10038.


A round-up of finds from around the web...

It's finally starting to look like Spring in New York. Enjoy the sunshine in these spots.

The cat that re-rolls the toilet paper he unrolled.

mysterious light on Mars.

Amazing human habitats.

These asparagus deviled eggs look amazing!

Yoga for better sleep? I'll try anything twice.

The New York Post's guide to etiquette for visitors.

A royal mystery.

There is going a massive Easter Egg Hunt in New York City next week.

I bought this blush recently and it's amazing!