14 April 2014

The Average American in 2050

National Geographic has pulled together a stunning set of images portraying what the average American will look like in 2050, per the US Census. The theory is that specific races will blend together over the years and will no longer be distinct. The features are absolutely stunning  I can't stop looking at them!

It's hard to imagine, in a culture that has struggled for generations with the topics of race and segregation, that we are moving in in this direction so rapidly. When I consider the couplings within our social circle, we are generally paired to our roots. The Indian couples. The Chinese couples. The Jewish couples. My husband and myself both have 50% Serbian heritage. We do also have British/Dominican and other mixed pairs, but it doesn't feel as dominant in the trend as the Census suggests. However, living in New York, we have cultural divides between neighborhoods held together by different languages and values to maintain one's heritage. Very possibly New York shouldn't be considered  a good litmus test. Read more at National Geographic.

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