10 April 2014

Have a Beachy Weekend!

We're celebrating our Two-Year Anniversary this weekend! It's amazing to think of all of the adventures we embarked on across the globe in a small window of time!

We've decided to stay in dog-friendly B&B in Port Jefferson, Long Island, where we celebrated our marriage with our favorite people. I'm a little nervous to see the Danford Inn where we set-up camp for the wedding, as the last time I saw it was once the news being swallowed by the waves from hurricane Sandy.

I hope you're weekend is gorgeous! What are you getting into? Keep up with our rediscoveries over the weekend via my Instagram: keisharose10038.


A round-up of finds from around the web...

It's finally starting to look like Spring in New York. Enjoy the sunshine in these spots.

The cat that re-rolls the toilet paper he unrolled.

mysterious light on Mars.

Amazing human habitats.

These asparagus deviled eggs look amazing!

Yoga for better sleep? I'll try anything twice.

The New York Post's guide to etiquette for visitors.

A royal mystery.

There is going a massive Easter Egg Hunt in New York City next week.

I bought this blush recently and it's amazing!

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