16 May 2014

Have a Refreshing Weekend!

Are you as pumped as I am to kick-off the weekend? I'm definitely need to recharge and get my sweat on! What are you getting into? With the husband heading to Maryland for some sort of beer and bacon festival, I plan to plant some veggies to grow on our terrace, take extra long trips to the park with Pilgrim and tote him along to brunch.


A round-up of finds from around the web:

This man is my hero. So inspiring.

The 44 hottest presidents in US history.

Things Parisians do that amaze New Yorkers.

To my bald friends visiting Japan: I have a restaurant suggestion.

Whiskey flavored pig.

It pays to be overconfident.

A pretty statement necklace.

Missed Connections.

Maddie always makes me smile.


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