13 March 2010

Dos Toros

My search is over. I've been led to amazing tacos in Manhattan. Situated in Union Square, this tiny venue is clad in reclaimed wood interiors with red and black accented walls. It came as no surprise that Dos Toros sprouted from two brothers from San Francisco- the fresh ingredients come overstuffed and distinctly West Coast in flavor. I chose the pork carnitas taco, my fellow diner the chicken- explaining that it's best to order the steak only when it comes straight from the grill. We requested soft, rather than crunchy with added guacamole, verde sauce and the usual melted cheese and ripe chopped tomatoes.

The carnitas came moist, slow roasted and generously stuffed in the homemade tortilla. One taco is enough. We shared a
Boylan's Root beer. I would have to say: worth the trek through the torrential rain this afternoon- and even better than the Avatar movie!

Serious Eats NY

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