27 March 2014

Have a Peachy Weekend

What are you getting into this weekend? My mum is flying into the city tonight to take care of Pilgrim, while we're soaking up sun and sipping fruity cocktails in Puerto Rico! I can't wait to take in the lush rain forest and beaches!


A round-up of finds from around the web:

Bill Murray's Golf Pants.

And while we're on the subject of Bill Murry- the secrets of drinking champagne.

North America's Nine Nations.

So many wags!

This salmon recipe looks amazing!

Ghost Ship Legends...wow!

Love this Navajo bracelet.

Would you go on a date to see an astrologer? It sounds fun!

There is something subtly sexy about this sweatshirt.

A bevy of cowboys and a Pug? Oh, I like those apples.

Image: Pinterest.

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