18 March 2014

Discoveries: March Birchbox

Oh Birchbox. You made me smile this month when my Spring Forward March box arrived!

The lowdown on the goodies...

Air Repair Rescue Balm | Full Size $12
This is the one item I was hoping to find in my March box! With four flights coming in the next few weeks, it will come in handy to replenish my lips, cuticles, elbows and knees!

Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion | Full Size $16
It's not my first rodeo with Gilchrist & Soames. I've stayed in hotels across Europe that stock their bathrooms with the fast absorbing lotion. It stirs up memories of loafing around Venice and hiking up to a Fortress in Montenegro! The scent is mild, slightly earthy and the formula is suited for Spring and Summer weather.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum | Full Size $54
Jurlique products are so good (and I received two this month!). Crafted for the most sensitive of skin types, this serum is packed with natural antioxidants to prevent the signs of aging.  If you're not loyal to a serum yet, I would absolutely consider adding this to your regiment.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream | Full Size $51
I'm a work in progress when it comes to washing my make-up off before bed and applying night cream! It's amazing how much better you feel when you do it (kind of like going to the gym!) Any who, this sample excited me enough to dedicate the first night it arrived to sample it. The rich formula is completely gorgeous with a pleasant rose scent and I woke up glowing.

POP Beauty In Liner In Black | Full Size $16 Included!
In liners scare me a little bit, albeit a safe formula! I'm working up the courage! If I don't sample this in the next few weeks, I'll pass it on to a girl friend.

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