01 March 2014

Discoveries: February GLOSSYBOX

Glossybox dubbed February The Month of Love. This month's collection of goodies did not disappoint in terms of luxury and variation:

Anatomicals Puff The Eye Bag Slayer | Full Size $11 Included!
Forget the cucumbers, these gentle cooling eye patches from Anatomicals are the deal. The patches deliver intensive moisture to combat fine lines and restore elasticity. Tip from my camp: keep them in the fridge and pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea to sip when applying.

Pureology Serious Colour Care Colour Fanatic | Full Size $24
Branded as a multitasking hair beautifier for color-treated hair, I decided to pass this deluxe sample on to my 88 year old gran of whom still colors her hair. Bless. She loves the spray.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture City of Angels | Full Size $18 Included!
I love receiving nail lacquers in monthly boxes! It feels like a total win! I schlepped Lauren B.'s gorgeously branded bottle to the nail salon this morning for a much needed manicure. The brush, according to the nail tech, is "not so good." I suggested she use another (which she did). She then asked me how much I paid for this polish (eesh, calm down I get it, you don't like a challenge!). Any who, let's put that aside. The chalky baby pink is pretty and will be just adventurous enough for those gals working the trading floor at a hedge fund without being risque.

Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum Plus | Full Size $75
My experience with Skin & Co Roma has been limited to body products, which peaked my curiosity when I picked up the tube including two of my favorite things: decadent truffle mushrooms and ultra nourishing facial serum. The formula smells incredible (not like truffles we sprinkle over our eggs and pasta) and my skin slurps it up with enthusiasm.

Sumita Beauty Kala Color Intense Pencil | Full Size $15 Included!
I'm no stranger to Sumita eye pencils! These are the Cadillac of gentle application and lasting pigmentation. The formula is also safe to apply to your water line.

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