03 February 2014

Noosa Finest Yoghurt

I'm a yogurt lover. Protein, calcium and probiotics? Yes please! I typically gravitate to plain Greek and add savory flavors such as olive oil drizzle, freshly chopped herbs or tomatoes. On the rare occasion that I pick something sweet, it's usually honey.

While running errands last weekend, Noosa caught my eye. The (brilliant) resealable container notes that it's one serving, but for myself it's two. I dropped the strawberry rhubarb and tart cherry varieties of the Australian style yogurt in my basket.

I dipped into the strawberry rhubarb this morning, which is thick, creamy and incredibly tasty. The flavor is very decadent, comparable to a dessert. I'm not a dessert person (unless it's a piece of stinky cheese) but this would be a great healthy alternative to someone that is! I'm definitely going to throw noosa into my rotation for the occasional treat.

Image: Noosa.

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