21 February 2014

Have a Warm Weekend!

The heavy fog blanketing Manhattan today is sweet reminder that warmer temperatures are ahead! What are you up to? We're looking forward to catching up on z's, toning up with some yoga and enjoying yummy meals together.


Here's a round-up of finds from around the web:

Upgrade your egg sandwich.

An amazing image of the Polar Vortex from space (and why its return is good news).

These travel tips for Japanese visiting the United States are hilariously true.

A gorgeous Nebraska farm wedding.

My grandmother always insisted that we "drink whole milk, not blue water."

These earrings would have been perfect for my ski trip to Vermont last weekend.

The French do wine, cheese and socks well.

Brunch is not taken lightly in New York.

This lipstick will turn heads.

A fun DIY perfect for a girls weekend.

Image: Confetti & Stripes.

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