22 January 2014

Tatcha Indigo

The more I experience from Tatcha, the stronger my dedication becomes. Rooted in the traditions of the Geisha, the San Francisco-based skin care company recently launched the Indigo collection for body care. Indigo features a hand cream, body butter and renewal cream crafted from the stems, petals and leaves of the Indigo plants. The inspiration for Indigo draws from the Edo Period of Japan when noble samurais would layer Indigo-dyed cotton between their skin and clothes to aid in healing injuries. The color Indigo if often donned "Samurai Blue."

While I don't have any skin ailments to address, I am serious about preventive care in the form of keeping my skin hydrated from head to the tips of my toes. I ordered the Body Cream and Hand Cream to team up with me against the dry winter air. The scent for both is classic Tatcha: light, mildly floral with a drop of musk. If you wear perfume, these creams will not interfere. The delivery of moisture from both formulas is lasting and absorbs clear on my pale Northern European skin. If you're a loyal moisturizing yourself, I would absolutely recommend investing in Indigo for body- the quality of the ingredients ensure the longevity of each container.

In addition to my Indigo purchases, I restocked on my favorite Aburatorigami blotting papers and three free samples (I love their samples! So perfect to pack for weekend trips!) As always, Tatcha includes a handwritten thank you on your invoice! In this particular order, they treated me to a free Luminous deep hydrating mask ($28 value) to show appreciation for my continued patronage.

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