21 January 2014


Hello! It's bit a little while and I'm happy to be getting in the swing of things post-holiday season! Before shipping out for Christmas, a colleague brought me a handful of dental products that her family designed. I've been excited to give them a try and decided to bring them on my trip home for Orthodox Christmas. My dentist had previously advised me to use a spin brush, as I was brushing too hard. I love the clean feeling that it delivers and find that when I travel, I miss it (Relax, I pack a small travel brush).

The lowdown...

Radius Scuba Brush $7.49
Wowza! With an ergonomic handle and ultra soft (they claim to be the softest on the market) bristles on a wide head, this is one impressive little cleaning machine. My teeth and gums felt fantastic after each use. I'm actually considering ditching my spin brush! To boot, Radius advises that the brush lasts an impressive 9 months, which absorbs the extra cost compared to your typical 3-month tooth brush.

Radius DOC Holder $4.99
You'll need a cute little docking station for that extra wide handle and Radius has your back. The DOC holder comes in a variety of colors and keeps your bristles out of harms way by securing the brush upright on your bathroom counter.

Radius Natural Floss in Cranberry $2.99
I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I'm completely negligent about flossing. It creeps me out! It's even more awkward when the hygienist performs the task during 6 month cleanings! I'm also not a huge fan of minty things, which is the very reason I put aside my floss fears to try the Natural Floss in Cranberry. It's a hit! With the less aggressive flavor and soft texture, I feel as though I can make a more meaningful effort to be a floss star.

Is it weird that I want to give these to everyone I know as gifts? They have great gift box bundles available! I did give my folks a rain shower head for Christmas, which was well received!

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