21 January 2014

Laino Argile Rose Masque

Please excuse my used package image, but I was so thrilled with Laino Argile Rose facial mask that I plucked it out of the refuse bin to snap a pic and look for it online! Back Story: During my annual pilgrimages to Paris, I love to pop into a few pharmacies to check out the creams, oils and other goodies that might find a home in my vanity. I tossed this single-use pink clay mask in my basket (I believe it was around 2 Euros) and left it on my shelf for a number of months before peeling it open.

The formula delivers a gorgeous rose scent and the velvety thick clay applies smoothly. I allowed the mask to dry for about 15 minutes, then washed away with warm water. My skin felt incredibly soft, moisturized and refreshed. I feel that regular use (1-2x/week) would yield great age-defying results based on this one treatment's impact on my complexion.

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