31 October 2011

Lemon Wedding

I had a vision of large cylinder jars of meyers lemons in lieu of floral centerpieces, at my wedding.  I was pretty excited to stumble across this lemon-filled ceremony! View more at Once Wed. (Images: Jose Villa)

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up? We're going to do a little people watching with friends on the Lower East Side. Google is in the spirit! I love their banner for today.

28 October 2011

Soduku Toilet Paper

I used to Soduko while working at this sketchy Russian dumpling shop in college (you know, when I was caught up on studying and writing papers). Why not bring that stimulation back in the bathroom? Buy it at Infmetry.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Whilst watching House Hunters International last night, my fiance turned to me and said, "Why do we live like this? Where do you want to live? Do you want to move to Spain?"

I can't imagine parting with Manhattan at this point in my life- I love our apartment, albeit "small" by the standards of Americans that live in the Midwest or West Coast (Ok, ok- outside of this island!).

If/when we do decide to venture to a new environment, I think I'd like a light-filled open modern kitchen with a few nods to country farm house. Isn't this space lovely? From architects Ken Linsteadt and found  Houzz. (Tip: Houzz has a free iPad app!)

bobble jug

We brought a bobble water bottle with us to Italy- an item which proved to be vital in the heat. We had a constant supply of filtered water exploring the cities. Though I bought a second one, so we'd each have our own, upon our return- I noticed that my fiance still buys gallon jugs of Poland Spring. Perhaps the ease of this new bobble jug is the solution?

Headless Horseman Dog Costume

Most Halloween costumes would be too distracting for my Pug. However, this Headless Horseman number is a clever fix! It fits just as his harness does. Clever!

The Weekend is Just Around the Corner

GoPro-GoPug from Matt Wiebe on Vimeo.

I think my little Pilgrim needs a brother. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I'll open my Saturday by taking my fur kid to the dog park early in the morning!

Do you think we can get this by Monday?

This Jabba The Hutt costume made me chuckle! I explained to one of my directors that I found him a Halloween costume. He said it made it his day. Not too shabby for 9:29am. The important question here: can we get this by Monday?

Found at: Drugstore dot com.

27 October 2011

a gray day

It's been a gloomy all day in Manhattan. A glass of warming bourbon and Johnny Cash on the speakers feels about right.

BaseStation for iPhone 4

BaseStation is a sexy way to display for iPhone 4 while it syncs and charges. Available in Maple of Walnut wood, you can also have it engraved. Purchase at Rakuten.

State of Liberty: 125 Years

Tomorrow is the 125th birthday of the Statue of Liberty. I may do my morning run down in Battery Park, to give her a nod.

Interestingly enough, during the 1886 celebration of her unveiling, she was wrapped in a massive, wet French flag. Newspapers described the event as full of mystery and eeriness, "[T]he nearest of the men-of-war could be seen floating like phantoms on what might either have been fog or water so far as the eye could see."

Given the era, it comes as no surprise that although the celebration is for massive feminine statue, less than one dozen of the 2500 guests were women!

(Images/Source: Bowery Boys)

single serve wine: brilliant

Beyond the pure brilliance of single serve wine in juice cup form- I'm duely impressed that a handful of companies have jumped on this band wagon. I'm thinking: picnics, airplanes, bachelorette party favors! Unfortunately, these products are not in the US just yet. We'll need to stick to our champange splits.

Marbelous Wood

In my opinion, hardwood is the only way to have the floors in your living space. Designer Pernille Snedker Hansen takes flooring to the next level with an old marbeling technique which creates a "supernatural, organic, colorful and vibrant pattern. The applied decoration engages in a dialogue with the natural growth rings of the underlying wood."

Would you feel more inspired working on these floors? Cooking and entertaining? I know I would. 

Boat Mini Blankets

For the couch, the baby's room or yourself: mini boat printed blankets. From Donna Wilson, these graphic beauties are crafted from Scottish wool.

wishlisted: booties

I'd love a new pair of casual booties for Autumn. It's not quite cool enough for full boots in New York! I found a handful of styles for every budget:) From the bottom up: Report- Marks, Pierre Dumas-Omega 6,  Rachel Comey- Mars.

26 October 2011

beer + beef jerky: the way we say thanks

You can get (just about?) everything delivered in Manhattan. Thanks, Bro is a funny new service which allows you send six packs or growlers of delicious craft brews and beef jerky to your bros. To boot, you can choose extras: a funny Duane Reade card, a Top Gun or Braveheart DVD, a Yankees cap or the "fuck you, bro" (a simple plastic baggy).


My love for Heinz ketchup is slighly embarassing. It's difficult to enjoy fries or grilled cheese without it- I could eat it by the spoonful. Sometimes, I mix it with Sriracha. I even put it on my mac n' cheese.

If that's not enough to "fan" them on facebook- a new variety of 'artisan' Ketchup is being introduced: balsamic vinegar substituted for the white vinegar in the recipe. It will not be made available in stores just yet, you'll have to order through their facebook page beginning November 14.

blanket cord trousers

Aren't these super soft trousers from Built by Wendy chic? They'd be perfect for weekend shopping or brunch with a group of friends.

Occupy the URL

I'd like to open this post by saying that I am in no way supportive of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  That being said, I do find  Occupy the URL to be very clever! Simply add any URL and protestors pop up and occupy your screen. Check it out here.

(Image- Found: Quipsologies)

chalkboard wine glasses

If you're not into wine glass charms to aid your guests in keeping track of their libation- why not try these from chalkboard china ? You can label them with your name, moniker or funny face.

(Image/Find- Incredible Things)

paper airplane doorstop

Here's a cheap thrill for your office: paper airplane door stop. The clever design is crafted from plastic and can be yours for $11.99 (Think Geek)

Ruby Red Pool

I'm doing a little vacation day dreaming today! Isn't this ruby red pool gorgeous against the turquoise ocean back drop? Located in Koh Samui, Thailand- the The Library is a boutique hotel with gorgeous modern spaces, spa amenities and a close proximity the the night life scene . Maybe next year? Check out more photos here.

25 October 2011

Copper Globe Lights

Tom Dixon's copper hued globe lights are stunning! They look fantastic with both rustic and modern finishes! (View more at Apartment Therapy DC)

a touch of sparkle

I've jumped on the bandwagon of a few manicure trends (crackle, one nail in a contrasting color) and haven't been too impressed with the outcome on my hands. However, I love this glitter in the same tone as the rest of your nails. It's a little more subtle! (View more tips at Babble).

24 October 2011


Did you learn to fold origami in grade school? Or is that reserved for those that grew up in the major port to Asia? I'm deeply impressed with Anja Markiewicz's microsized origami! View more at her Flickr page.

a brunch at Al di La

It's been a few years since I've dined at Al di La. Oddly, I hadn't brunched at the Michelin guide recommended venue yet. We met a handful of friends early (11:30am) to avoid the mob scene that would ensue over the next few hours.

I sipped a smooth cappuccino as we nibbled on house made bread and discussed the menu.

For myself, the duck confit hash: lightly poached egg, roasted red pepper, green olives, capers and spinach. The olives and capers salt the dish beautifully. I ate slowly to enjoy the experience longer.

Others at the table enjoyed the squash soup special, farro salad, hangar steak, ricotta cavatelli and Trippa alla Toscana (photographed above). The well-arranged dishes provided an aesthetic quality, beyond their superb flavor.

My fiance selected the Heritage pork belly sandwich with pickled onion, tomato and salsa verde. The fatty pork soaked the crispy bread nicely and the pickled onion added a bit of excitement to our palate. We shared our plates and together could not finish them. We enjoyed the pork belly, but found the duck confit to take the cake.

colored goblets + compotes

If you're keen on vintage glasses, but not the pricetag- these colorful goblets and compotes are a good fit. (I have a tendency to break things!) At $35 for a set of four, they are a lovely way to brighten up your dinner table. (Horchow).

pink pullover

Doesn't this pink pullover look cozy? It's perfect for a summer night at the beach. Psst....it's only $22 and has a hood too! (tofebruary).