05 October 2011


We joined the ghosts of Civil War soldiers at McSorley's last night. With saw dust floors and tag of being the New York's oldest bar (which didn't allow women until mandated by a court order in 1970!), we crowded our group of ten or so around a table. A man approached us and asked, "light or dark?"  He made two trips for the first round, which was twice as many beers as people.

The house brews taste identical and come in varied portions- some half full, others a little more.  After several generous rounds of hap-hazardly placed beers- we hollered for our tab. The server paused in a precarious way then complied, "Hundred?"

We didn't sample the menu, but I am a little curious. According to New York magazine, the raw onion and sharp cheddar is the thing to order. Rumor has it the men's urinals are gorgeous porcelin.

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