31 August 2010

The 37 Ingredients in Twinkies

Photographer Dwight Eschliman has created a set of 37 photographs which show all of the ingredients inside a Twinkie. Each subject has been arranged on a plate to demonstrate the tones and textures, revealing complexity, contrasting how we normally think about junk food.

The above featured: FD&C Yellow #5.
View all here.

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I love these knit kitties from Severina...and I'm not even a cat person.

Lake Log Lamps

From designer Ben Light (how wonderfully appropriately named!), these Lake Log Lamps are made from oak, lamp hardware and electrical wire.

via: Apartment Therapy.

30 August 2010

"You said you love me."

I seem to have lost my music when I switched from the 3G to the iPhone 4. Ergo, I'm going through my external drives to add to my new device. Revisiting a Devotchka favorite...

Weekender Lunch: Cafe Ruhlmann

The cool morning crawled into a hot afternoon last Sunday- an idyllic day for Fifth Avenue shopping. After weighing down arms with bags, we slipped into a table at Rockefeller Center's Brasserie Ruhlmann. Although the dining room (bottom image) is a bit frigid in contrast to the adjacent NBC Studios and flapping world flags, the outdoor dining section is pristine and social.

We sipped a bottle of sparkling water while nibbling the house-made bread. For lunch, I chose the blue crab (photo above) with mache salad and honey lime vinaigrette. The crab was extremely fresh, lacking any hint of brine. Julienne granny smith apples highlighted the lump meat's texture and endorsed the summer flavor. My partner requested the salad Ruhlmann with added shrimp. The massive bowl of greens looked to be dominate on radicchio and came with hearts of palm, corn and halved cherry tomatoes. The dish isn't one to knock your socks off, but certainly offers a healthy option for a quick lunch.

While Ruhlmann has mixed reviews online, I feel that is due mostly to the pricing, which is a bit on the high end. However, you're on the cusp of tourist attraction and power lunch venue- it comes with the territory.

Images: TheLuxurySpot, JohnMarinari

25 August 2010

Marian Bantjes Laser

Having competitively sailed Lasers, I love this graphic art updated boat from Marian Bantjes. The British Columbia based artist created the project for Wallpaper and the Salon del Mobile exhibit in Milan. A note from Bantjes:

"It just so happens, I’ve always wanted a Laser.

I decided to avoid the obvious of working with organic forms to go with wind, water etc., and instead work deliberately against those forms. I wanted to make something that was incredibly distinctive in the water, and which would disguise its speed and versatility. To create an optical illusion of sorts, of something that looked like it didn’t belong in the water at all, much like the cubist patterns of WWI & WWII “dazzle” naval camouflage."

Pendant Lights by Lee Broom

London designer Lee Broom is to launch two faceted pendant lights in white and gold at the London Design Festival next month (see Dezeen's earlier story on his Architrave collection).

23 August 2010

The 1980's New York Subway

It's no surprise that my father flinched when I told him I was going to move to New York City, a number of years ago. He hadn't been in the trenches of the five-boroughs since this period. The images are a collection from Bruce Davidson, John F. Conn, Jamel Shabazz & Martha Cooper. Do we credit the MTA or Guiliani for the vast improvements? The native New Yorkers in my office note: it was an uprising. The people got sick of it and fought back to clean up the streets.

Edible & Uncanny

Guns would certainly stir up a bit of conversation at your pool party. Available in flavors like black currant and coke, these popsicles are a nod to the pop art era. More here.

Dear Mr. Warhol:

You may also be interested in Warhol & BMW art cars and Factory Girl.

Mermaid Inn- Greenwich Village

Painted white plank ceilings and the long crowded bar of Mermaid Inn welcomed us from the torrential rain. Within the soft gray, white and champagne lights- groups of two or three huddled around large platters of oysters (the chef selects a daily 1$ oyster special...and it's only available at the bar!). I sipped on the Mermaid Mary, which is pitch perfect with stout, old bay on the rim and a cocktail shrimp garnish. A bowl of Goldfish crackers and a cone of everything spiced crisps with butter were placed before us for nibbling, as we waited for our first round of oysters.

The daily selection: Malpeque. We also requested a side of gouda hush puppies for our first round of plates. With foursquare check-in, you are offered a free side! Other tempting choices include Old Bay Fries and sea salt asparagus.

The condiments served with the oysters are gorgeous- vinegar tart with shallots and horseradish plopped over cocktail sauce. We took the liberty to dip the hush puppies in them as well.

For our second course, we partook in the steamed P.E.I. mussels with shallots, white wine, butter and garlic- as well- we requested the the sauteed calamari tossed with shitakes, criminis, feta and radicchio. I could base a religion around the calamari. The marriage of ingredients is absolutely stunning: tart, protein and modest bitter of the greens.

We transitioned to Prosecco and considered dessert. The verdict? Another 1/2 dozen of the 1$ Malpeque special!

Images: from my iPhone.

Ward III

Noted for the "bespoke," Ward III offers a blue print for designing your own cocktail. If you're not feeling the creative itch, the menu features several selections with an affinity for bitters, spice and spirits. Dark and amber fill the long bar. With vaulted ceilings and logo design reminescent of vintage sensationalist newspaper headlines- the venue rests somewhere between speakeasy and Tribeca charm. New York magazine notes, " classy lounge-cum-restaurant." Win.

The New American bar food menu features small and large plates, as well a lengthy list of rules. Patience is perhaps the best noted, given the care the bar keeps take in crafting libations, as well their "I'll get to you when I feel like it, and your smile and gratitude will not be acknowledged," attitude.

We sipped Sweeter Heaters (silver tequila, fresh lime, red pepper flake, muddled basil and white peppercorn). To compliment the tequila, we nibbled the guacamole and house made chips. The recipe is extremely creamy, which I typically wouldn't care for, but well matched to our cocktail choice. For our second course, we shared the Mac & Cheese with "unpretentious" elbow pasta, cheddar sauce and crispy bread crumb topping. The dish is relatively bland, and the topping a bit too oily, but comforting.

Images: NY Mag

Slaughtered Lamb

My interest in the Slaughtered Lamb peaked when I noticed the venue featured in a sexy scene from New York, I Love You. A detail, which left me a bit surprised to discover that the bar is best described as a combination of dive pub and Universal Studios "horror" attraction. A small entry room houses the wooden bar, low dark wood booths cram a dining area in the back and a basement noted "Dungeon," rests below with games and pool.

I sipped the Blood Bath (one of the many cocktails or shots with awesome names like "murder," "slash," "knife"), which is an interpretation of sangria. The menu is limited to deep fried pub-grub, but the list of 80 bottled beers is noteworthy. The bathrooms were arguably the scariest aspect of this homage to An American Werewolf in London inspired venue: cramped, dirty and better to avoid. When I attempted to grab some toilet paper, the dispenser flew open and both rolls plopped into the toilet. Oops.

Images: NY Mag

19 August 2010

Puzzle Boards

Brilliant Puzzle Board for mingling at a party! The product is from Dutch Design Studio Ooms .

Perodic Table of Brooklyn

Awesome tee for your inner Brooklyn nerd. Treat yourself, or another, at Cover My Torso.

Things Your Grandmother Taught You To Steal

Do you collect or save your unused take-away condiments? I have to admit I keep straws and have a bowl of unused soy sauce from sushi delivery!

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17 August 2010

In the Streets, a photo series


of you

new magazine

rub for fertility


fire escapes

eyes on you

twin towers


become your dream