12 August 2010

take cocktails at Anotheroom

It's been my habit, in the past few weeks, to wander out of the Financial District and into Tribeca. The dining and cocktail scene is a bit more mellow and typically more satisfying than the heavy plates served up to the Wall Street crew. Anotheroom surprised me with a few modest picnic tables outside and a contrasting deep, dark interior. Although it's noted as an after work spot- the concrete floors, slate bar and tattered chairs looked to appeal to youngish doting couples.

The high velvet couches and corner nooks are well-matched to the candlelit atmosphere- as well the chalkboard menu with tidy lists of European beers, domestics and wine. I sipped Kir Royals and my company a few different Belgian beers. The bar keep worked quietly, efficiently and seemed to tend to his DJ duties more (a welcome trait, considering those couples were more interested in batting eyelashes). Though when we requested a Sea Dog Pugsley Brewing blueberry ale, he noted, "This is a good beer for smelling. It's like pie." And it was.

On the play list: John Lennon, Silver Jews and Elbow. Sexy, no?

Images: NY Mag

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