23 August 2010

Slaughtered Lamb

My interest in the Slaughtered Lamb peaked when I noticed the venue featured in a sexy scene from New York, I Love You. A detail, which left me a bit surprised to discover that the bar is best described as a combination of dive pub and Universal Studios "horror" attraction. A small entry room houses the wooden bar, low dark wood booths cram a dining area in the back and a basement noted "Dungeon," rests below with games and pool.

I sipped the Blood Bath (one of the many cocktails or shots with awesome names like "murder," "slash," "knife"), which is an interpretation of sangria. The menu is limited to deep fried pub-grub, but the list of 80 bottled beers is noteworthy. The bathrooms were arguably the scariest aspect of this homage to An American Werewolf in London inspired venue: cramped, dirty and better to avoid. When I attempted to grab some toilet paper, the dispenser flew open and both rolls plopped into the toilet. Oops.

Images: NY Mag

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