10 August 2010

The Value of Twitter

About a week ago, I tweeted and foursquare checked into a handful of Stone Street bars during a mini bar crawl. Among those, Mad Dog & Beans, the go-to margarita spot. I have to say that having researched and co-authored my company's social media plan, Mad Dog is spot on with their marketing. Not only did they start following me, but a rep reached out to me having noticed a tweet about roaches on the street. Hey, it's New York City! It comes with the territory, and I'm glad the unwelcome are out there and not in the restaurant. It's impressive to me how well the management at my luxury apartment and the restaurants keep the critters out when they are assembled like armies at the borders.

If you're local, Mad Dog runs a foursquare special: free margarita for every fifth check-in. Get some guac and chips too (ask for it spicy!).

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