23 August 2010

Ward III

Noted for the "bespoke," Ward III offers a blue print for designing your own cocktail. If you're not feeling the creative itch, the menu features several selections with an affinity for bitters, spice and spirits. Dark and amber fill the long bar. With vaulted ceilings and logo design reminescent of vintage sensationalist newspaper headlines- the venue rests somewhere between speakeasy and Tribeca charm. New York magazine notes, " classy lounge-cum-restaurant." Win.

The New American bar food menu features small and large plates, as well a lengthy list of rules. Patience is perhaps the best noted, given the care the bar keeps take in crafting libations, as well their "I'll get to you when I feel like it, and your smile and gratitude will not be acknowledged," attitude.

We sipped Sweeter Heaters (silver tequila, fresh lime, red pepper flake, muddled basil and white peppercorn). To compliment the tequila, we nibbled the guacamole and house made chips. The recipe is extremely creamy, which I typically wouldn't care for, but well matched to our cocktail choice. For our second course, we shared the Mac & Cheese with "unpretentious" elbow pasta, cheddar sauce and crispy bread crumb topping. The dish is relatively bland, and the topping a bit too oily, but comforting.

Images: NY Mag

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